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Persons suffering from mental illness and with symptoms that seems so unbearable likely feels trapped and isolated.  Unlike many other illnesses, the struggles associated with mental illness are made even more difficult because of the nature of illness itself – coping with even the simplest tasks can be an insurmountable challenge.

Mental Health Skill-Building Services are designed to assist those with mental health diagnosis in meeting all of life’s struggles and challenges—from helping the client to navigate through the often confusing and burdensome maze associated with accessing community resources to training the client in the most basic life skills.  Branches of Hope provides Mental Health Skill-Building Services meeting a wide range of needs associated directly with the mental illness itself and with the accompanying issues that go along with every mental health diagnosis.

BOH assigns a Qualified Mental Health Professional(QMHP) who work closely with the individuals in developing Service Plans.  A person-centered plan to address specific and unique needs of the clients.

QMHP’s role shall be supporting, training and assisting clients in keeping psychiatric and medical appointments, managing and adhering with medication regimens, accessing community resources, learning basic life skills and independent living skills, learning appropriate social skills, ending social isolation, and gaining access to recreational, educational, and vocational opportunities.

Mental Health Skill Building Services: Services
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