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We care about you and your recovery!

Every day is always a struggle when you feel helpless or isolated.  It feels like daily life is a challenge because even doing the simplest things can be overwhelming and difficult to do.

Branches of Hope understands those struggles and we want to help you.  One of our goals is to enhance abilities and skills to cope with everyday living – to be able to work and relate to others, have fun and enjoy life and realize your potentials.  Our services and programs are dedicated to support you recover and be trained to achieve quality of life as much as you can.   We provide training tools and assistance to maintain a positive mental health.

Our Care Team shall design and develop a program suitable for your needs and circumstances but we shall ensure that you will also play an active role in the process and choose your path to achieve the goal we both desire.

Branches of Hope, LLC opened its doors to Mental Health Services in Henry and Pittsylvania Counties and Cities of Martinsville and Danville on October 1, 2012.  We offer a wide range of mental health services and support to guide your training and recovery process.  On May 2017, we also began our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services, and expanded our business to this day support program.

Life can get difficult, and help from a Qualified and Licensed Professionals can make things better.  At Branches of Hope Mental Health Support Services, we care about your well-being and ready to provide you with all the tools you need to seize the day and learn how to tackle the daily challenges and life’s circumstances.

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